Over Christmas break, while perusing the shelves of my favorite shop, I came across this epic find!  It is a book called “Eat Pretty,” by Jolene Hart.
Jolene Hart is a beauty and health coach who started out as beauty editor for a major magazine. She had access to every cutting edge skin care product but nothing seemed to help her irritated complexion, itchy eczema, and dark circles under her eyes.  She needed to find a solution beyond the beauty isle.  This book is about transforming your beauty from the inside out.  Helping you look and feel your best through good nutrition.
She divides food in to two categories… beauty betrayers and beauty enhancers.  You can guess what beauty betrayers are: caffeine, soda, fried foods, processed foods and so on…
Think about how different your relationship with food would be if you asked yourself the question, is this a beauty betrayer, or beauty enhancer, every time you took a bite.
She reveals what foods to eat to have lustrous hair, smooth skin, strong nails, and a slim silhouette. There are great recipes to try and a list of ways to get a good night’s sleep.

Hart writes, “We all want to feel beautiful in our own personal ways.  But the root of our desires is profoundly similar.  We want to love ourselves.  We want to be loved.  And we want our outer beauty to reflect the incredible beings we are on the inside.

I purchased this book from Anthropologie but you can also find it here:

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