Boston Marathon 2016


I recently ran the Boston marathon where I met the requirements (time, age and gender) to re-qualify to run it again next year.  A big part of my performance as an athlete is how I eat.  I do not eat processed food, sugar, meat, (with the exception of fish occasionally) or dairy.  I also limit my gluten intake to a few pieces of Eziekel bread with almond butter and cinnamon for breakfast before I run. Every day I eat spinach, kale, fruit (a lot of berries and apples) and a variety of nuts and seeds.  I try to include as many superfoods as well, like raw honey, chia seeds, hemp seeds and cacao.  A few times a week I throw in a bit of sauerkraut (probiotic) in my eggs for healthy gut bacteria.  This has worked incredibly well for me.  I know that everyone is different.  What works well for a 120 pound woman may not work for you.  I have spent many years experimenting with different types of food and this has the best results for me overall as an athlete and for a healthy lifestyle. My palate has changed in this process and I never crave sugar or processed foods. I have a ton of energy, beautiful skin and zero health issues.  I rarely even get sick and if I do, it does not last long.

You know your body best and the best way to find out what works for you is to experiment by eliminating foods from your diet, and adding them back one by one, and deciding whether or not they impact how you feel.  Sugar is a no brainier.  It should never be part of your diet.  I don’t believe in cheat days but every once in a while it is okay to eat a piece of peach pie.  Sugar has the same effect on your brain, (I’m sure you have heard this a thousand times!) as cocaine.  It’s highly addictive and on top of that causes numerous health issues!  It is so easy to swap sugar in a recipe for something better like honey, 100% maple syrup or even coconut sugar.  Cut out the processed food as well.  All those chemicals you can’t pronounce in the ingredient list are making you feel tired, irritated and let’s be blunt…adding fat to your midsection.  Which adds to the misery of not feeling good about yourself.

Next week I will post my marathon training plan for how I was able to run Boston, re-qualify to run 2017, and was out running again without pain just two days later.  If you love to run as much as I do, and want to improve your time, hopefully this plan will get you there!  Running Boston was one of the best experiences of my life!  There were moments on the course I was overcome with emotions because I couldn’t believe how far I had come.  I was there, participating in an event others only dream of.  I am so grateful I have this amazing healthy body and it can do things I never thought it could!

Thanks for the love Boston! xoxoxo

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